• I hate to see all of these women getting stuck with giant homes out in the suburbs. The trend is going from big to small here on Philadelphia’s Main Line. Women keep their homes because they think it will allow them to gain the upper hand during a divorce. Moving is really only chaos for a month, but some women are too intimidated by the process. Many of the people I work with move downtown and are much happier.
    I’m in the suburbs of Philly and worried about moving, but the house seems too big for us. Should I sell or just keep it for now?
  • Women think that if they don’t keep the marital residence, they are harming the kids. But this isn’t true and factors vary state by state. If your house is an ascending asset, then keeping it will be best for you. However, if you are located in a descending market, holding onto the residence could be a problem. You also need to consider the condition your house is in and how much money you will have to pour into it.
    I’m just starting the process of getting divorced. My question is, should I keep my home?
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